NuAire Biosafety Cabinets for Point of Care Laboratory

NuAire provides Class II Biological Safety Cabinets for your "Point of Care" Microbiology Laboratory

NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets provide personnel, product, and environmental protection against airborne particles that can fit industry standard blood analyzers from GEM, Sysmex, or Picollo perfectly. An infectious disease such as Ebola is considered a virus that does NOT emit gas or vapors. A Class II, Type A2 cabinet that recirculates back into the laboratory works for an infectious disease such as Ebola since any airborne particulate will become trapped within the exhaust and supply HEPA filters.

Warning: Ebola is considered a risk 4 agent and should be treated as such. The Ebola virus and other infectious disease viruses that are considered risk 4 agents are required to be analyzed within a Biosafety Level (BSL) 4 laboratory. NuAire recommends either a Class II or Class III Biological Safety Cabinet to be used within a BSL 4 laboratory in conjunction with BMBL. The cabinets listed on this page are to assist with protective measures provided to the healthcare worker in a point of care laboratory with additional safety protection. Please confer with your Environmental Health and Safety Officer or Biosafety Professional to standardize your Standard Operating Procedures when receiving and testing patients for infectious diseases. NuAire is a manufacturer of Biological Safety Cabinets and does not make risk assessments.

biosafety cabinets


The CellGard 475 features the simplest of controls and a pressure monitor to manually keep track of airflow performance.

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biosafety cabinet type a2


The CellGard 477 offers an added degree of safety using microprocessor controls and airflow sensors to monitor airflow performance.

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Base Stand Options

telescoping biosafety stand

Stationary Telescoping.
Pick your perfect height.

range stand

Low profile to fit through a standard door.
Mobile and motorized to fit any user.

Built-In Options

20 Amp Circuits


Circuits that can handle more current will easily supply power to your analyzer.

Cord Pass

cord pass thru

NSF Certified making it easy to keep your cords out of the way and safe.

Ultra Violet Light

uv lights

An added defense to help disinfect the work zone after your work.

VHP Decontamination Kit

A quicker and more secure way to decon your cabinet after working with infectious agents. Whether working with Steris, Bioquell, Clordisys, or any decontamination system we have you covered. Our Decontamination Kit works with all vendors to safely decon your NuAire.

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