Nuaire presents the sales and service of reliable high speed, ultra, and micro-ultra centrifuges.

NuAire brings the sales and service of the reliable Hitachi Koki brand to North America. The introduction of High-Speed, Ultra, and Ultra-Microcentrifuges broaden our product offerings providing our customers with more options and value utilizing NuAireā€™s sales and service networks. Our sales and service teams have gained knowledgeable insight into these high performing machines to assist with pre-sale consultation, installation, and product support. Join the NuAire family and let us help assist you with your valuable research.

High-Speed Centrifuges

Your everyday application solution for separation, pelleting, harvesting, & elutriation of viruses, cellular organelles, and more.


Preparative ultracentifuges with high acceleration capabilities for everyday use in molecular biology, biochemistry, and more.

Micro Ultracentrifuges

With options to fit on a benchtop or sit on the floor, these Micro Ultracentirfuges are compact, quite, and reliable.

Hitachi Koki CR22N High-Speed Centrifuge

The himac CR22N is a high speed refrigerated centrifuge that offers reliable performance with speeds up to 22,000 rpm / 55,200 xg. Automatic Rotor Identification optimizes running compensating for air friction and temperature control.

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Hitachi Koki CP-WX Series Ultracentrifuges

Quiet but yet powerful, these general purpose Ultracentrifuges produce speeds up to 100,000 rpm (803,000 xg) making them an excellent choice for a range of separations used in cell biology, biochemistry, nano-material fields, and more.

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Hitachi Koki CS-FNX Series Micro Ultracentrifuges

Small, compact, and quiet. himac Micro Ultracentrifuges achieve speeds up to 150,000 (1,050,000 xg). With rapid acceleration and deceleration times, the CS-FNX allows greater protocol efficiency when separating and purifying proteins, lipoprotein, DNA, and more.

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