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PharmaGard™ ES NU-NR800 Recirculating Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator

The PharmaGard ES NR800 Compounding Containment Pharmacy Isolator creates negative pressure recirculating ISO Class 5 clean air environment for aseptic compounding of hazardous drugs and minute quantities of chemotherapy drugs to meet USP 797 requirements.


The PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 is a negative pressure recirculating compounding aseptic containment isolator (CACI) that can be connected to a facility’s HVAC system. A bench or tabletop model, the isolator also can also come with several different base stand configurations to operate as a console model. The PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 is intended to create a sterile, negative pressure work environment to be used for the compounding of hazardous drugs. The isolator is equipped with a high-efficiency motor to cut costs and save energy, and it was designed with ergonomics in mind to keep lab technicians safe and comfortable.

Features for Ease of Use


The PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 total exhaust compounding aseptic container was designed with ergonomics in mind. This means that it is comfortable and easy to use in the lab, and reduces the risk of fatigue and workplace injuries. The oval slanted glove ports allow technicians to have a full range of motion within the isolator, and the large work zone reduces strain on the arms and hands. The isolator's 3 IV bar locations also offer the proper height and distance for comfortable compounding. The PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 uses cool white lighting to light the workspace, which makes the isolator easier to look at for longer periods of time, and open sightlines make it simpler to see in the work zone.

Interior Sliding Tray

The interior sliding tray in the PharmaGard™ NU-NR800, which is attached to ball-bearing brackets, makes it easy to bring compounding materials seamlessly into the isolator.

Counter Balance Inner Window

In the PharmaGard™ NU-NR800, the counter balance inner window separates the transfer compartment from the sterile work zone. The inner window can be moved for transferring products with the use of only one finger, and a security lock system keeps the outer door locked while the window is up.

Optional Sharps and Waste System

The isolator was designed to make changing sharps and disposing of waste quickly and easy. Underneath the work surface, the PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 has sharps and waste containers, which are kept in place by guides with a locking mechanism. When you unlock this mechanism, the containers are lowered -- which makes it easy to grab and replace them.

Technology and Design

Ultra High-Efficiency Motor

The PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 isolator has an ultra-high efficiency motor. This means that the motor cuts energy costs and extends filter life -- which ultimately lowers overall cost of owning this equipment.

Flexibility for Workflow

This aseptic containment isolator was designed for flexibility of workflow. This means that you can interchange on the right or left on 4-foot-wide units, and you can interchange on the left, right or both on 6-foot units with 3 or 4 glove ports.

Safety Features

Meets USP Standards

The PharmaGard™ NU-NR800 has been designed to meet both USP 797 standards, as well as USP 800 standards.

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