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NuAire Laboratory Accessories

Laboratory Accessories are the essential tools needed to make a laboratory operate. NuAire Laboratory Accessories help in every facet of research and producing sterile product. Select from one of many NuAire accessories to customize your workflow.

  • NuAire Airflow Alarms

    Airflow Alarms

    Monitor airflow in NuAire airflow products and alert personnel to improper airflow when working.

  • Animal Transfer Stations

    Increase your productivity by customizing your work flow with animal handling accessories.

  • Base Stands

    Provide proper support to your existing NuAire product offering your technicians correct leg room improving ergonomic conditions.

  • Centrifuges

    Add on to your existing Centrifuge with additional rotors, buckets, inserts and more.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    Sterile wipes from TexWipe

  • CO2 Incubator Parts/Accessories

    Upgrade your existing system with a castered platform, calibrate your CO2 incubator with a fyrite kit, or replace your incubator filters to ensure cleanroom conditions.

  • Electrical

    Protect your NuAire Laboratory Equipment with surge suppressors.

  • Ergonomics

    Enhance your NuAire Airflow Product to improve safety conditions, productivity, quality and reliability while reducing arm, shoulder, neck, leg, and eye straining contributing to common work place injuries.

  • Exhausting

    Proper connections provide the needed materials to efficiently exhaust NuAire airflow products.

  • Freezer Parts/Accessories

    Added to your existing system with pre-stocked NuAire freezer racks or protect your hands with Cyro Gloves.

  • Laboratory Aids

    Provide convenience to your laboratory avoiding everday hassles with NuAire Laboratory Aids.

  • Pharmacy Isolators Parts/Accessories

    Find your proper sharps and waste container or replace your PharmaGard Sleeves.

  • Gloves

    Find the proper glove for your laboratory research technique.