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AireGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-114 Portable Air Scrubber

The AireGard ES 114 Air Scrubber provides ISO Class 7 or Class 8 air in a Clinical or Medical setting where occupants’ infection status is a concern, construction, or bio-terrorism to capture and contain microbes.

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AireGard NU-114 Portable Air Scrubber

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The air scrubber can be used to recirculate air in a defined area or be placed between two distinct adjacent areas to act as a positive or negative pressure and the outlet side will have higher (positive) air pressure.

Portable Construction Filtration
The AireGard 114 can be “built in” to a temporary wall or hallway during construction or remodeling projects. Air can be continuously drawn away from the contaminated area and exhausted as clean HEPA-filtered air into the clean area. The AireGard 114 can also be used within a construction area to recirculate and purify air when ceiling tiles, walls, or plumbing are disrupted or if fumes and odors are evident from cleaning, painting, etc.

Clinical / Medical Filtration
The AireGard 114 can be used for recirculating air in common areas where highly filtered air is desired and any location where the potential infection status of occupants is a concern. HEPA filtration is effective in controlling infectious bacteria and viruses ranging from common “cold” germs to more dangerous organisms such as SARS and TB.

Biological Terrorism Filtration
The 114 can provide a significant measure of safety in the capture and containment of microbes having a history of use or those likely to be used in an act of terrorism.
Model NU-114-424
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H)
in. [mm]
26 ½ x 26 x 55 ⅝
(673 x 66o x 1413)
Weight 270 lbs. / 122 kg.
Inflow Velocity 90 fpm (0.46 m/s)
Quality Assurance UL, UL-C