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AllerGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-619 Innovive® Edition Animal Transfer Station for INNOCAGE® Mouse

The AllerGard NU-619 Innovive Edition ATS for INNOCAGE® mouse allows technicians to prepare the work zone under ISO Class 4 conditions. A stack of 25 INNOCAGE® MOUSE bottoms at 13" (330 mm) tall fits neatly into deep wells provided by the NU-619.

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AllerGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-619 Innovive Edition Animal Transfer Station for INNOCAGE Mouse

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  • Animal Technician opening INNOCAGE feeders under ISO Class 4 conditions
  • Animal Technician preparing the work zone by placing INNOCAGE feeder in hopper
  • Animal Technician opening INNOCAGE mouse cages under ISO Class 4 conditions
  • Animal Technician placing clean INNOCAGE Mouse cages in deep well
  • Animal Technician preparing the work zone opening an AQUAVIVE Mouse Water Bottle and placing on water bottle holding rack
  • Animal Technician preparing the work zone by placing AQUAVIVE Mouse Water Bottles on holder
  • Animal Technician preforming animal cage transfers
  • Animal Technician placing dirty used cage in dirty cage deep well
  • AllerGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-619 Innovive Edition Animal Transfer Station for INNOCAGE Mouse prop-up work surface
  • AllerGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-619 Innovive Edition Animal Transfer Station for INNOCAGE Mouse Airflow


Innovive Workflow Preparation

1)      Open cages under ISO Class 4 sterile conditions and place clean cages in a deep well for easy access. Place the bag in the other deep well or exterior shelf to collect dirty used cages.

2)      Open feeder bags under ISO Class 4 sterile conditions and stack feeders in hoppers located on both sides of the work zone until use.

3)      Open AQUAVIVE® Pre-filled mouse water bottles under ISO Class 4 sterile conditions by removing peel away tab and place on AQUAVIVE® Pre-filled water bottle holding rack until use.


Experience Ergonomics

Ergonomic design improves productivity while offering technicians comfort reducing workplace injuries.

One size fits all – an electronic auto-lift adjusts the work surface height from 32” (813 mm) to 44” (1118 mm) at a touch of a button.

Large 14” (356 mm) access opening height on all sides of the work station easily fits cages and provides a wider range of motion for vivarium technicians.

Over 25 air changes a minute in the work zone eliminates heat built up causing less stress on the laboratory animal as well as the technician.

Proper cool white lighting improves visibility causing less eye strain.

A magnifying glass located in the viewing window provides

A Stainless Steel prop-up work surface and disposal chute creates an easy way to clean under the work surface.


Mobility in the Animal Facility

The NU-619 Innovive Edition features a re-enforced base with plate casters for mobility. The cabinet can be lowered with the electric auto-lift and moved from room to room through standard doors and hallways. From an overall height of 91 1/8” [2315 mm], the cabinet can lowered to 79 1/8 ” [2010 mm] for transport.


Push Pull Airflow System

Room air passes through the pre-filter to the supply HEPA filter and is pushed downward in a uniform vertical pattern onto the work surface. Mixed air on the work surface is pulled through the work surface grills; passing through the 4-stage exhaust pre-filter and exhaust HEPA filter before being discharged back into the room. This airflow system creates exceptional sterility and protection for the research animal. Technicians are protected from animal shed allergens; these are effectively retained by the pre-filter system and the exhaust HEPA filter.


Work Surface Isolation Zones

The work surface is divided into either 2 isolation zones by a cross grill pattern of perforated vacuum slots that are placed down the center and around the outer edges of the work surface. The motor/blower underneath the work surface draws air through the vacuum slots at a slightly stronger velocity. This airflow creates an air barrier around each of the 2 zones created by the vacuum slots separating the dirty cage from the clean cage area.


Energy Saver Motor

An ultra-high efficiency motor lowers your total cost of ownership by using less energy.


TruLaminar Airflow

Unidirectional airflow moving along parallel flow lines at a constant velocity of 80 fpm (0.51 m/s) minimizes air turbulence within the work zone lessening the chance for cross contamination.


Attenumount Vibration and Sound Control

Each ultra-high efficiency motor is mounted using the Attenumount system isolating vibrations caused by the blower fan lowering the cabinet’s operating decibel level.


Standard Features

Washable / Reusable Pre-filter system

Easy Access Filter Panels

Accessory Outlet

Cool White Fluorescent Lighting

Hinged Scratch Resistant Windows (2)

Fixed Scratch Resistant Side Windows (2)


Optional Features

AQUAVIVE Mouse Water Bottle Holder

Magnifying Glass Window

One Sided Enclosure Panel w/ Stability Bracket

Feed Hopper (Left, Right, or Dual Chute)

Stainless Steel Folder Shelf (Left, Right)

Stainless Steel Cage Holding Disposal Box

Light Timer

Automated Hand Sanitizer

Disposable Pre-filters

Watering Systems

Additional Outlets

Custom Solutions


Dimensions: NU-619-400 NU-619-500
Nominal Size 4 ft. [1.2 m] 5 ft. [1.5 m]
Sash Height 14" [356 mm] 14" [356 mm]
Overall Dimensions (W x D) in. [mm] 48* x 30 [1219* x 762] 60* x 30 [1524* x 762]
*add 5" [125 mm] for push/pull bars    
Work Station Height in. [mm] 78 ⅝ - 90 ⅝ [1997 - 2302]  78 ⅝ - 90 ⅝ [1997 - 2302]
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) in. [mm] 42 ⅜ x 28 ¼ x 26 [1083 x 664 x 659] 54 ⅜ x 28 ¼ x 26 [1387 x 664 x 659]
Work Surface Height 31 ½ x 43 ½ [800 - 1105]  31 ½ x 43 ½ [800 - 1105]
Weight 475 lbs. / 215 kg. 548 lbs. / 248 kg.
Downflow Velocity 80 fpm (0.40 m/s) 80 fpm (0.40 m/s)
Heat Rejected, BTU, Per Hour 785 785
Light Intensity foot-candles (LUX) 150 (1614) 150 (1614)
Electrical: 115 VAC / 60 Hz / 10 Amps 115 VAC / 60 Hz / 10 Amps
  E: 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz / 10 Amps E: 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz / 10 Amps
Work Surface Configurations Qty. 1 INNOCAGE® Mouse Deepwell Qty. 2 INNOCAGE® Mouse Deepwell
Warranty 3 Year Parts and Labor (US & CA)
4 Year Parts (Intl)
Quality Assurance UL, UL-C, Energy Saver, RoHS


Please note specifications are subject to change. Please contact NuAire to verify before purchase. 
Disclaimer: NuAire Model NU-619 should not be used as a substitute for a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet. The NU-619 is not a containment device for airborne particulate in low to moderate risk-hazard research as prescribed by the CDC/NIH Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories.