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NuAire Laboratory Centrifuges

NuAire is the optimal choice in centrifugation. NuAire Laboratory Equipment provides a full line of centrifuges ranging from mini-centrifuges for quick separations to ultracentrifuges providing superior performance for applications involving higher speeds.  NuAire’s sales and support networks are the envy of the scientific industry with intense knowledge of our product lines while offering multiple channels of contact; we are customer driven.

Join the NuAire family with a NuAire centrifuge and discover the NuAire difference.

  • NuAire Benchtop Centrifuges

    Benchtop Centrifuges

    NuAire benchtop centrifuges offer mono and multi-functional, refrigerated and non-refrigerated models. Technical innovations optimize productivity in your laboratory work to improve results, save time, while providing a greater relative centrifugal force (RFC).

  • NuAire High-Speed Centrifuges

    High-Speed Centrifuges

    NuAire offers high-speed laboratory centrifuges in the North American market from the trusted brand Hitachi. A uniquely engineered drive shaft offers reliable performance up to 22,000rpm (55,200 xg) while maximizing capacity.

  • NuAire Ultracentrifuges


    NuAire provides General Purpose Ultracentrifuges from Hitachi Koki in the North American market with performance capabilities up to 100,000 rpm (803,000 xg).

  • NuAire High-Speed Centrifuges

    Micro Ultracentrifuges

    Floor standing or tabletop design, NuAire offers Micro Ultracentrifuges from Hitachi Koki in the North American Market. Oustanding performance with speeds up to 150,000rpm (1,050,000 xg) while operating at a 45 dbA sound level.

  • NuAire Microcentrifuge


    NuAire offers ventilated and refrigerated micro-centrifuges ideal for high and low speed applications for small sample volumes.

  • Mini-centrifuge

    Small and compact, NuAire mini-centrifuges are the ideal personal solution for microfiltration of samples and quick spin.