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NuAire Custom Biological Enclosures

NuAire designs and custom engineers biological enclosures to your exact specifications for applications involving high-throughput robotic systems, large high-speed cell sorters, ultra-centrifuges, IV admixtures, CSP’s, antibiotics, automated compounding equipment, and laboratory equipment requiring specified product or personnel protection from potentially harmful aerosols and airborne particles.

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  • NuAire Custom Laminar Airflow Workstations

    Laminar Airflow Workstations

    Customize your NuAire Laminar Airflow Workstation to your exact specifications for your unique application. Horizontal or vertical flow provides product protection offering a clean work area through laminar airflow

  • NuAire Custom Design Biological Safety Cabinets

    Biological Safety Cabinets

    Create a custom NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet offering Personnel, Product, and Environmental Protection providing the proper dimensions for your high throughput application involving liquid handler, automated compounder, robotic system, and/or custom application.