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Glacier Polar Edition -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

NuAire Glacier “Polar Edition” -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezers are developed for reliable storage conditions of research samples for laboratories, hospitals, repositories and more. A manufacturing focus on the refrigeration system, controls, alarms/monitoring, ergonomics, construction, and energy efficiency makes the Polar Edition ideal for the long term storage of cancer cells, stem cells, cord blood, T-cells, organ/tissue, and other samples.

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Offering 728L of useable storage space with Vacuum Insultaed Panels

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  • Glacier Polar Edition -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
  • Simplified Eye Level Controls
  • Easy accesible pre-filter

Glacier Polar Edition Model NU-9728 Vacuum Insulated Panel Technology  

Vacuum Insulated Panel Technology

A vacuum insulated panel is a high efficiency composite material that through a vacuum is placed into the exterior frame of the freezer eliminating air build up within the insulation. This technology provides more useable space, minimizes moisutre build-up, improves temperature uniformity, and more.




Glacier Polar Edition Model NU-9728 Control Panel

Simplified Eye-Level Controls

[1] Temperature - Digital display defaults to actual chamber temperature. Display mode changes when setpoint, alarm parameters, programming and diagnostic functions are performed.
[2] Status Light - Status alert function uses predictive intelligence to determine if freezer is operating within specifications under existing environmental conditions.
[3] Battery Light - Ni-MH battery powers control memory and alarm functions during power failure.
[4] Alarm Light - Alarm indicator lamp glows when freezer is in alarm condition; alarm ringback is factory set for 30 minutes, adjustable in 10 minute increments from 10 to 60 minutes.
[5] Filter Light - Filter indicator lamp glows when electrostatic filter requires removal for cleaning.
[6] Door Light - Door alarm indicator has 2 minute delay until audible alarm activates; delay time is adjustable.
[7] Right Arrow - Setpoint entry advances digital display to  next position.
[8] Up Arrow - Setpoint entry advances digital to next value  from 0 to 9.
[9] Set Button - Press to set temperature; set button is also used for other diagnostic functions.
[10] Alarm Test Button - Alarm test verifies readiness of alarm function and Ni-MH battery charge.
[11] Buzzer Button - Buzzer silence temporarily mutes alarm.
[12] Compressor start-up delay sequence delays re-start after  building power failure; allows facility power to reach equilibrium to permit smooth compressor start-up.





Interior Volume
25.7 ft3 (728 L)
Area Footprint
9.51 ft2 (0.88 m2)
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H)

39.8 x 34.4 x 78.3 in.

(1010 x 870 x 1990 mm)

Interior Dimensions (W x D x H)

34.2 x 23.6 x 55.1 in.

(870 x 600 x 1400 mm)

Weight, Net 820 lbs (373 kg)
Electrical 115 Vac, AC, 20 amp.

2 Year Parts and Labor (US & CA)

4 Year Parts (International)


Maximum Capacity

Fiberboard Boxes 2" (50 mm) High in Racks

Boxes: 576

2ml Sample Vials (100 Cell Divididers): 57,600

Fiberboard Boxes 3" (76 mm) High in Racks

Boxes: 384

4ml Sample Vials (100 Cell Divididers): 38,400

Standard Microplate in Racks

Foil Tape Cover: 3,456

Cover Lid: 2,596



Insulated Inner Door Steel frame, high impact plastic, w/ foam-in place insulation
Inner Door Configuration Two (2)
Door Gaskets
Multi-point compression gaskets
Condenser Filter Electrostatic filter, front easy access, no tools
Interior Corners Rounded for easy cleaning
Shelf Brackets Adjustable
Casters Four (4) Heavy Duty w/ leveling feet
Seismic Brackets Standard; hard connection to facility wall
Access Ports Multiple ports allow use of injection tubes, probes, leads, instrumentation


Refrigeration System

High Stage
1 Horsepower
Low Stage
1 ½ Horsepower
Sound Reduction


Door Gaskets