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Hitachi Koki himac CS150FNX Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge

Model CS150FNX is a floor model Ultra Microcentrifuge with a reliable drive unit producing speeds up to 150,000 rpm (1,050,000xg) for research protocols involving the separation and purification proteins, DNA, RNA, viruses, as well as carbon nanotubes and nano-sized particles.

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Reliable Drive Unit

The CS120FNX takes 90 seconds to reach a maximum speed of 150,000rpm (1,050,000 xg) through a vacuumed drive unit. The Drive Unit is backed by a 5 Year Warranty.

Imbalance Protection System

Samples can be visually balanced within 5mm.  An imbalance sensor monitors vibration of the rotor and drive shaft. When vibrations are detected the Imbalance Protection System activates and ceases operation immediately.

Self-Locking Rotor System

Hitachi Koki himac CS120FNX Table Top Micro Ultracentrifuge Self-Locking Rotor System Rotors only need to be placed on the drive shaft. The rotor will automatically lock in place through centrifugal force. There is no need for screws, tools, or buttons.

Simplified Operation with Touch Screen Controls

Hitachi Koki himac CS120FNX Table Top Micro Ultracentrifuge Touch Screen Controls

A color touch screen simplifies user operation. Universal icons and text are easy to understand. Bright colors on a black background makes the screen easy to read.

Quiet Operation of 45 dbA

Hitachi Koki himac CS120FNX Table Top Micro Ultracentrifuge Quiet Operation Just louder than a whisper, the CS150FNX can attribute its quiet operation to rigid-control drive system and sound absorbing structure design.

Easy Timer Setting and Actual Run Timer

The himac original RTC (real-time control) function makes timer setting easy.  Simply set the start time or finish time along with running time.  It is easier than conventional delay time setting timer.

The himac original Actual Run Timer starts when the setpoint speed is attained and excludes acceleration time from the set time.  It helps to precisely control the net run-time and obtain high-reproducibility separation.  Of course, conventional run timer is selectable.

User Administration with Password Protection

Control users by regiserting them to the system with different access levels and passwords.




Biosafety Option

Hitachi Koki himac CS120FNX Table Top Micro Ultracentrifuge Biosafety Optin In order to prevent from exhausting bio-hazardous samples into the laboratory, a micro-filter can be assembled in a vaccum line as an option.



Maximum Speed (rpm) 150,000
Maximum RCF (xg) 1,050,000 (S140AT rotor)
Speed Control Accruacy (rpm) ±50 (5,000 to max speed)
Maximum Capacity (nominal) 30ml x 6 tubes (S50A rotor)
Maximum Capacity (nominal) (Swinging Bucket Rotor) 7ml x 4 tubes (S50ST rotor)
Timer 1 min. to 99 hrs. and 59 min. with HOLD and RTC (real-time control) function
Vaccum System Oil rotary vaccum pump and oil diffusion pump
Rotor Temperature Control Range (°C) 0 to +40 (1 degree increment)
Rotor Cooling Method Thermo-module Cooling System (HFC free)
Screen Display Color LCD (touch-sensitive)
Rotor Setting Method Self-locking Rotor System (no tools required)
Operational Noise (dbA*) 45 *Measured 1 meter from front of unit
Maximum Heat Dissipation into Room (kW) 0.7 or Less
Exertior Dimensions (W x D x H)

17 ¼ x 20 ½ x 35 ¾ in. (440 x 520 x 910 mm),

height to table 31 in. (790 mm)

Floor Area 5 ¾ ft² (29 ½ x 27 ½ in.) [0.53 m² (750 x 700 mm)
Weight 232 lbs. (105 kg)

Power Requirements

AC 110 or 120V ±10%, 15A (50/60 Hz), Single Phase

AC 208, 220, 230, 240 V ±10%, 8A (50/60 Hz), Single Phase

Drive Unit Warranty 5 Years