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NuAire Laminar Airflow Products

NuAire laminar flow cabinets deliver a higher level of product protection for work in progress. Ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and improves process accuracy. Customize a NuAire laminar flow hood to meet your research application or clean room requirements.

  • NuAire HEPA Filtered Clean Air Ceiling Shower

    Air Shower
    Laminar Airflow Products

    A ceiling mounted HEPA filtration unit provides Class 100 air quality offering a space saving solution to air filtration.

  • NuAire Horizontal Laminar Airflow Workstation

    Horizontal Airflow
    Laminar Airflow Products

    Horizontal Laminar Airflow Workstations provide a HEPA filtered clean work area that is ideal for operations requiring a particle-free, bacteria-free, clean air environment.

  • NuAire Portable HEPA Filtered Air Scrubber

    Portable Filtration
    Laminar Airflow Products

    The portable solution to purifying the air during construction, renovation, or recirculating air in common areas where highly filtered air is desired and any location where the potential infection status of occupants is a concern controlling infectious bacteria and viruses.

  • NuAire Vertical Laminar Airflow Products

    Vertical Airflow
    Laminar Airflow Products

    Vertical Laminar Airflow Workstations are designed to provide the ideal particle-free, bacteria-free clean-air environment needed for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection, or pharmaceutical procedures.