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Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

NuAire Upright Ultra low temperature laboratory freezers offer reliable biological storage. Ergonomic design, optional backup systems, and the industry's best temperature uniformity ensure your NuAire ultra low temperature freezers will store samples in confidence.

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  1. Offering 728L of useable storage space with Vacuum Insultaed Panels

    Glacier Polar Edition -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

    Twin compressor and efficient heat exchange within the refrigeration system allows the "Polar Edition" to run quieter and more efficient. Vacuum Insulated Panel Technology allow for more storage of fibroblasts, lymphoctes, hybridomas, stem cells, mammalian cells, tissues, bone marrow and more.

    • Interior Volume: 25.7 ft3 (728 L)
    • Freezer Fiberboard Storage Boxes
      Fiberboard Box Maximum Capacity
      • 2" (50 mm) high: 57,600
      • 3" (76 mm) high: 38,400
    • Vacuum Insulated Panel Technology
    • Operating Noise: 47 dba
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  2. Insulated inner doors, multi-point gasket system, and claw type handles to ensure a tight seal

    Glacier NU-9668 Upright Large Capacity -86°C Ultra Low Freezer

    The Glacier 9668 Upright 23.5 ft3 (668 L) Capacity Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer creates optimal storage conditions for the preservation of your research through reliable long lasting control systems. Learn More
  3. Glacier NU-9483 Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

    Glacier NU-9483 Upright Mid Capacity -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

    The Glacier 9483 Upright 17.1 ft3 (483 L) Capacity Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer creates a stable, uniform, and reliable environment for the preservation of your cells while minimizing frost build up. Learn More

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