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Care & Use of Acrylic

NuAire products manufactured from Acrylic materials require special consideration for the care and use to assure maximum customer satisfaction. Acrylic materials have many favorable characteristics, such as being lightweight, rigid, durable and available in many colors as well as clear. NuAire fabricates the acrylic materials in many different ways to produce a variety of products for the laboratory. Understanding about the care and use of the acrylic material is important.


A liquid detergent and water solution is recommended to clean acrylic. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS, SUCH AS AJAX, SOFT SCRUB, ETC. ON ACRYLIC. The following brand name cleaners have been found to work well with acrylic materials.

  • Fantastik household cleaner
  • Glass Plus cleaner
  • Formula 409 household cleaner
  • Cinch household cleaner

Scratches and abrasions may be buffed out using commercial polishing materials. Use of alcohol greater than 30% and acetone can cause irreversible damage and is not recommended (see material compatibility).