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Care & Use of Polypropylene

NuAire products manufactured from Polypropylene materials require special consideration for the care and use to assure maximum customer satisfaction. Polypropylene materials have many favorable characteristics, such as being resistant to many chemicals, rigid, durable, and available in many thicknesses. NuAire fabricates the Polypropylene materials in many different ways to produce a variety of products for the laboratory. Understanding about the care and use of the Polypropylene material is important.


Regular cleaning can be done with soap and water, any commercial window glass cleaner, or Alcohol Acetone for stubborn areas. Use a soft cloth or damp paper towel. Abrasive material, such as scrubbers, will scratch the surface. The following brand name cleaners have been found to work well with polypropylene materials.

  • Fantastik household cleaner
  • Glass Plus cleaner
  • Formula 409 household cleaner
  • LPS Resolve Cleaner

If an external surface static charge develops, spraying an anti-static solution on the effected area will eliminate the problem.