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Containment Capabilites of a Class II, Type A2 BSC Using a Chemo Pad on the Work Surface

Test Objective

  • To study the containment capabilities of the BSC when using a chemo plus prep mat on the worksurface.

Procedure Used

  • A NuAire model NU-425-500 Class II, Type A2 BSC was set to its nominal average velocity airflow of 70 fpm downflow and 105 fpm inflow.
  • Personnel protection tests followed NSF/ANSI 49:2002 at nominal airflows using a chemo prep plus mat (10-3/8" x 16-1/2" size) on the worksurface in different configurations. The following configuration along with the BSC test report and runs were represented:
Test setup configuration (fig) BSC test report/run
Dry mat (fig. 1) test # 1 / run 1 & 2
Dry mat w/glassware (fig. 2) test # 1 / run 3
Wet crumpled mat (fig. 3) test # 2 / run 1 & 2
Wet crumpled mat w/glassware (fig. 4) test # 2 / run 3