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CuVerro® Care and Use

NuAire products manufactured with CuVerro® have specific care and use instructions to assure maximum customer satisfaction. CuVerro® is a class of copper based alloys that continuously kill bacteria associated with life science laboratory contamination. These surfaces represent the only class of EPA-registered solid surface materials that actively kill bacteria. CuVerro® is suited for common surfaces where contamination is a concern. Laboratory surfaces benefitting from CuVerro® are inherently any work surface that can harbor contamination. NuAire fabricates CuVerro® in many ways to produce a variety of products for the laboratory. Understanding the care and use of CuVerro® will maximize its benefit and visual appearance. Find additional information at

CuVerro® may be cleaned with various laboratory surface disinfectants by different methods. For all surface disinfectants, follow application and use instructions provided by the manufacturer. Download the whitepaper to view a list of surface disinfectant types and their visual effect on CuVerro®.