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You Can Improve the Performance of Your CO2 Incubator

The design of a CO2 incubator is critical to culture growth. Culture growth is optimal when the incubator properly blends these elements: CO2 gas, temperature, air quality, and relative humidity. The precision with which these elements are combined will dtermine how effective the growth environment shall be. Other factors, such as the incubator's location in the laboratory, the continuity of an electrical source, contamination, vibration, and routine maintenance are equally important to successful cell growth.

Location in the Laboratory

Improper placement within the laboratory will degrade an incubator's performance. Keep windows in the laboratory closed if they are present. Incubators should be located away from air inlets, so they are not affected by changing airflows. Adequate clearance around the incubator shold be available for service and electrical safety testing. A chamber should never need to be moved for thes tasks.

Continuity of an Electrical Source

The most effective incubators are often those that have the most consistent power source. The electrical supply circuit must conform to all national and local electrical codes. Surge protectors are strongly recommended to prevent voltage spikes from permanently damaging the electronics. The power source must be grounded, and voltage should vary no more than 5% to provide consistent electricity to the incubator.