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NSF Report on Volatile Contaminant Air in Type B Biosafety Cabinets

The following document is an original National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) report prepared for an advisory task group by Dr. Melvin First. The report contains relevant information and data on use of volatiles in biosafety cabinetry.

Please note that Biosafety cabinetry (BCS) definitions have changed over the years. The information provided for a type B convertible model is equivalent to a class II type A2. The information provided for a NCI type B is equivalent to a class II; type B1.

In providing this information, NuAire does not endorse the use of volatiles within BSC’s. The use of volatiles should be reviewed through a risk assessment process with your facility safety personnel. Volatiles can freely pass through HEPA filtration and if used, require the BSC to be exhausted through either direct or canopy connection depending upon the cabinet class and type.