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Understanding the NU-430 / 435

Class II, Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet / Fume Hood

A Guide For Planning Installation Operation

Personnel, Product, and Environmental Protection

Description of Class II, Type B2 Safety Cabinet

The LabGard NU-430 biological safety cabinet is a Class II, Type B2 Total Exhaust cabinet featuring flow-through construction with no internal recirculation of air within the cabinet. Required air to operate the cabinet is taken either from the room through the work access opening or through the supply air intake duct directly into the supply air blower.

The LabGard NU-435 biological/chemical fume hood is a Class II, Type B2 Total Exhaust cabinet featuring the same basic design parameters as the NU-430.


  • UL listed, UL-C listed (115 VAC)
  • CE (230 VAC)
  • Supply and Exhaust HEPA filter standard UL Class II
  • Can use standard, internal service valves
  • Can use ultraviolet light
  • Must use label “Do Not Use Toxic or Explosives in Cabinet”
  • NSF Listed (115 VAC)


  • UL Classified (115 VAC)
  • Supply HEPA filter UL Class I
  • Exhaust HEPA filter to UL 586
  • No ultraviolet germicidal light available
  • Only use remote service valves
  • No label restrictions
  • Available is 115 V, 60 Hz. only
  • NSF Listed (115 VAC)