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Water Type and Cleaning for Nuaire Incubators

What type water should I fill my Nuaire Water Jacket Incubators with?

All Nuaire Water Jacketed Incubators should only be filled or topped off with Single Distilled water, NO PURER THAN 1 MEGAOHM. Absolutely NO Chlorinated or Halogen Material is to be used in the water Jacket. Other then Single Distilled water (no purer then 1 mega ohm), no additives need be added to the water jacket. Copper Sulfate is formed in the water jacket when the single distilled water and the unit’s internal copper tubing come in contact with each other. If still concerned, a small amount of Copper Sulfate may be added to the water jacket.

WATER PANS (Relative Humidity Evaporation, RH)

If the Incubator utilizes a water pan to provide RH via Evaporation then the water-pan should be filled with single distilled water, again no purer then 1 Mega ohm.

A pinch of Copper Sulfate can be added to the water-pan each time it’s filled to prevent bacteria growth from occurring. On a weekly basis, thoroughly clean and disinfect the water-pan, refill with fresh single distilled water.


Rather then waiting for evaporation to occur (recovery takes hours), some Nuaire units ARE Equipped with RH recovery systems that allows the unit to recover to a desired RH percent within minutes of a door closing.

These systems require NO Anti-bacterial agents to be added to the RH reservoir. Fill the unit with single Distilled water, No purer then 1 Mega ohm. Do not use chlorinated or Halogen Materials in the RH System.