Service Training

Laboratory Equipment Service Training for Service Professionals

NuAire schedules training courses which are designed to provide you with the knowledge, experience and confidence needed to understand and effectively service laboratory incubators, Ultra Low freezers, centrifuges, and laminar airflow products. Due to the constant improvement of products, addition of features, and advances in technology, we encourage all service personnel to periodically attend our classes.

NuAire provides a hands-on lab equipment training experience. Learn from industry experts with real-world experience.

NuAire offers laboratory service training to customers and service companies at our Plymouth, Minnesota, Training facility.

You can choose to attend each product class independent of the other:

  • four-day Advanced Biological Safety Cabinets class ($400)
  • two-day CO2 Incubator Service Training ($200)
  • three-day Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Training ($300)
  • one-day Centrifuge Training class ($100)
  • one-day Ultralow Temperature Freezer training class ($100).

Class formats include lecture, hands-on labs, and opportunity for open discussion of all products and topics at the conclusion of each day of class.

All NuAire Lab Equipment Training Includes:

  • Full day classes
  • Noon meals
  • Compact Disc(s) including:
    • Product Manuals
    • Technical Information
    • Class Literature
    • Class Materials
  • Attendees are responsible for all transportation, lodging and other expenses.
NuAire Service Training Class Schedule
2016DatesCourse Description
  15 Centrifuge Service Training (1 day)
  16 Ultralow Freezer Service Training (1 day)
November 7 - 9 Biological Safety Cabinets Certification Training (3 days)
  7 - 9 CO2 Incubator Service Training (2 days)

Note: Additional classes may be scheduled as required. Contact NuAire's Technical Service Department to check availability.

Class may be canceled if attendance does not meet minimum requirements.