Gee Willikers! We're Getting Old

However, with great age also comes great wisdom.

We’re breaking tradition and giving you a birthday present: a FREE accessory or upgrade with each individual purchase of a NU-54[X] Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet or In-Vitrocell CO2 Incubator!

Offer expires 4/1/2022. US/Canada only. For international customers, please contact your local accredited NuAire distributor for 50th Anniversary Promotion details. Restrictions apply

Since Max D Peters designed his first biological safety cabinet in his garage in 1971, NuAire has now sold over 100,000 biosafety cabinets in over 150 countries. To this day, NuAire is still owned and operated by the Peters family in Plymouth, Minnesota.

From all of us at the NuAire family, thank you to all of our customers and/or partners that have helped us grow and flourish over the past half century. As we all continue to grow, NuAire remains committed to continuously improving and striving to provide you with the optimum level of personnel, environmental, and product protection throughout any industry.

From the Bottom of Our Hearts...

Thank You!

To learn more about NuAire’s history and quality policy, please visit our About page for details.

If you purchase any NU-540, NU-543, or NU-545 Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet, you will receive a FREE accessory of your choice:

If you purchase any In-Vitrocell CO2 Incubator, you will receive a FREE accessory of your choice:


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