AeroMax Electronic Control System

The AeroMax Control System is a user-friendlu control system that monitors and displays airflow performance via PressureFlowTM - a specialized digital pressure transducer. If there is either a high airflow or low airflow in the work zone, the system notifies lab workers with both visual and audio alarms. The user interface is operated through LEDs and function keys that can perform a range of useful functions including controlling the blowers, lights, outlets, and the blower DC ECm motor. 

nitecareTM Night Setback Mode

Upon sliding the window sash into the closed position, the motor blower will continue to operate at a lower rate to save energy and maintain interior clean air conditions ready for use upon window sash opening.


An audible alarm will sound for 30 continuous seconds then ring back for one second every five seconds until silenced or the alarm condition is cleared. If Silence is pressured, the Silenced alarm condition will beblocked from repeating for a period of 15 minutes. 

Additional Features

  • Automatic Filter Load Compensation
  • Warm-up mode
  • Password protection
  • Software/Hardware Watchdog - automatically reset upon failure to last known status or to blower "ON" to assure containment
  • Software updates via USB