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AireGard™ NU-114 Portable Air Scrubber

The AireGard™ NU-114 Air Scrubber provides ISO Class 7 or Class 8 air in a Clinical or Medical setting where occupants' infection status is a concern, construction, or bio-terrorism to capture and contain microbes.

Part #: NU-114


AireGard model NU-114 has been discontinued.

Keeping your work environment clear of airborne contaminants, be it a laboratory, isolation ward or construction site, should be a top priority. Many contagious diseases and pathogens are spread via particles carried in the air; additionally, harmful dust and work-site pollutants can pose a major problem with extended exposure. The AireGard™ NU-114 air scrubber is a great option for maintaining healthy air quality, and it is entirely portable, making it simple to move from one point to another.

Clean Air Control

Personnel Protection

Keeping your personnel healthy while performing tasks is an essential part of providing a safe workplace. With this AireGard™ portable air scrubber, you can ensure you are offering top-notch filtering. The 99.99 percent at 0.3 microns HEPA filtration delivers unparalleled air scrubbing, made even better by a readily available and replaceable prefiltration system that helps extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Clinical/Medical Filtration

The portability of the AireGard™ NU-114 provides air recirculation in common areas that have a high possibility of infection transfer. The HEPA filter controls infectious bacteria and viral pathogens, including common cold and flu viruses, and more dangerous contagions such as tuberculosis and SARS.

Biological Terrorism Filtration

Use this AireGard™ air scrubber as part of the arsenal to trap and contain diseases and pathogens that are commonly used or could be utilized in a terrorist strike, thereby combating the threat of bioterrorism.

Design and Technology

Easy to Use

The Essentials control system makes this AireGard™ portable air scrubber simple to use. A single on/off switch controls the unit, while the circuit breakers and airflow are readily accessible and easily maintained by a technician.

Smart Design

The AireGard™ NU-114 has a hospital-grade retractable power cord that measures a generous 30 feet, providing easy access to difficult-to-power areas.

Corrosion-Resistant Motor/Blower

Laboratory, hospital and chemical fumes are often corrosive, and this AireGard™ air scrubber features a corrosion-resistant motor/blower to prevent malfunctions due to the breakdown of parts from caustic substance exposure.


Extended Running Time

This AireGard™ air scrubber can run continuously for up to 24 hours without the worry of failure or overheat. Additionally, an impressive 0.75 room air changes per minute in a 960-cu.ft. Room (8' x 10' x 12') are possible with the 90 fpm airflow, making this air scrubber an excellent choice for standard-sized hospital rooms.

Airflow Variance Compensation

The motor/blower automatically compensates and adjusts for issues with airflow and variations in the electrical feed to ensure a continuous supply of filtered air.

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