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FumeGard NU-164 By-Pass Fume Hood

The FumeGard 164 By-Pass Polypropylene Fume Hood is constructed from stress relieved white polypropylene intended for use in high acid environments, trace metal analysis, materials analysis, toxicology, semi-conductor development, prototype/production and/or etching/plating operations.

Part #: NU-164


This FumeGard bypass fume hood helps your laboratory trap, hold and discharge fumes. Because it is made of 100 percent metal-free, stress-relieved polypropylene, this fume hood a good choice for high-acid laboratory environments.


Superior Fume Removal

By employing a bypass protected by a grill, this fume hood can hold a constant airflow volume. When operators close the sash of the view screen, air automatically bypasses at the top of the hood. This bypass action creates uniform face velocity. At the same time, airflow is directed across the work surface by a deflector vane or airfoil at the bottom of the hood face opening. This provides a permanent opening even when the sash is closed so that the majority of the air is exhausted through the bypass.


Durable Polypropylene

This FumeGard bypass fume hood is built of 1/2-inch stress-relieved, all-seam-welded polypropylene. The work surface is also made of 1/2-inch polypropylene. Polypropylene's overall solvent and acid resistance make it an excellent choice for use in high-acid environments.

Counterbalanced Window

The FumeGard NU-164's counterbalanced vertical sliding window provides a maximum 18-inch opening for easy access, and it closes securely for safety. A hard coat is applied to the 1/4-inch Lexan® window to increase abrasive and chemical resistance.

Enhanced Visibility

Two fluorescent bulbs with a PVC light diffuser provide interior lighting. The bulbs are encased in a hinged polypropylene cover that has a gasket to prevent fumes migrating into the light area. This fume hood has a control center at eye level where exterior fluorescent light or optional electrical devices can be mounted.

Easy Access for Installation and Maintenance

Constructed with a removable rear baffle, modular electrical components and exterior and interior plumbing chase access panels that are flush-mounted, this fume hood is simple to install and maintain. Panels on the top of the hood also give operators access to the window's counterweight balance system.


Meets Industry Standards

To meet the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 and SEFA-1-2006, the FumeGard NU-164 was tested independently. It is certified to remove fumes from laboratories safely.

Segregated Electrical Components

All electrical wiring is protected by U.L. listed PVC flexible conduit. All electrical connections use PVC liquid-tight connectors to minimize direct exposure to fume-laden interior air.

Double-Wall Construction

This fume hood has double-wall construction, with a 4-inch space between the outer wall and interior workspace wall. This area forms the plumbing chase for the routing and connection of all services required in the fume hood, including electrical outlets. The plumbing chase is a completely enclosed compartment that is consistently under negative pressure to minimize fume buildup.

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