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Glacier™ NU-9728 Polar Edition 25.7 cu.ft. (728L) -86°C Ultralow Freezer

Model NU-9728 has been discontinued

Twin compressor and efficient heat exchange within the refrigeration system allows the "Polar Edition" to run quieter and more efficient. Vacuum Insulated Panel Technology allow for more storage of fibroblasts, lymphoctes, hybridomas, stem cells, mammalian cells, tissues, bone marrow and more.

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Part #: NU-9728


Model NU-9728 has been discontinued

The Glacier™ Polar Edition 25.7 ft3 (728 Liter) -86°C Ultralow Freezer is a freezer that is intended to be used for reliable and long-term storage of research samples. The freezer is handy for labs, hospitals, repositories and anywhere that requires cold storage equipment. The Polar Edition has been specially designed for long-term storage, which means lab workers can use it for keeping biological samples like cord blood, organs, cancer cells and more.

Safety Features

Fast Temperature Recovery

The Glacier™ Polar Edition Ultralow Freezer is designed to return the temperature set point to normal quickly after door openings. This model offers temperature recovery that is 30 percent faster than similar models. This ensures that samples inside remain cold, even after the door is opened.

Temperature Uniformity

For product protection, the freezer is also built with temperature uniformity in mind. The Polar Edition freezer has only a ±5°C variance at 80°C.

Alarm System

The alarm system on the Polar Edition features a microprocessor alarm that has a battery backup. The alarms can alert workers about a high temperature, low temperature, power failure, system monitoring failure, auto return, open door, low voltage, high ambient temperature and more.

Multi-Point Door Seal System

To keep the freezer properly closed, the freezer has insulated and gasketed inner doors that seal inside, offering better product protection and temperature uniformity.

Designed for Ease of Use
Low-Noise Operation

Because of its design, the freezer operates with a very low amount of noise so that it is not unpleasant for lab workers to spend time around the freezer.

Large Storage Capacity

The Polar Edition freezer is designed with a enormous storage capacity. This means that lab workers can store a good number of samples inside comfortably and safely.

Simple Eye-Level Controls

The controls for the freezer are located at eye level, making it easy for workers to check the status of what is inside. The simple control system offers information about temperature, operation status, battery, alarm condition, filter cleaning, door status and more.

Easy Open Door Latch

The door latch on the freezer makes it easy for lab technicians to get samples into and out of the fridge. The claw-like latch is designed so that one person can operate it one-handed, and it has a positive seal against the gasket.

Efficient Technology

Vacuum Insulated Panels

The high-efficient vacuum insulated panels are designed to provide a greater amount of interior storage volume within the same size freezer. The panels minimize the transfer of energy into and out of the ultra-low temperature interior, and they also help stop moisture accumulation that can lead to icing. One of the best perks of the insulated panels is also more efficient insulation and lower compressor cycle run-time, which means lower energy costs.

Cascade Cooling System

The Polar Edition freezer is designed to provide optimum heat exchange pathways. Therefore, the system is efficient and saves energy, and it reduces stress on the freezer's compressors, offering improved system reliability.

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