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himac CP100WX Ultracentrifuge

The CP100WX is a general-purpose Ultracentrifuge with outstanding performance up to 100,000 rpm assisting in a wide range of separation protocols in involving proteins, DNA, RNA, metal nano-colloids, and more. Reliable and efficient the Hitachi CP100WX features a Rotor Life Management (RLM) system to automatically maintain rotor logging history maximizing rotor life.

Part #: HK-CP100WX


The himac CP100WX Ultracentrifuge is a general-purpose, ultra-refrigerated centrifuge used for separation tasks in the lab. The CP100WX has a performance of 100,000 rpm (803,000 xg), which makes it an excellent tool for applications involving biochemistry, cell biology, and nanomaterials. This ultracentrifuge model was designed to be reliable and easy to use, with standout features like touchpad entry, automatic rotor life management, and a large LCD display.

Ease of Use

Rotor Life Management

The himac CP100WX Ultracentrifuge was designed with a rotor life that is managed automatically. The centrifuge records and stores the operation records of each rotor in the Rotor Life Management (RLM) memory and the RLM element embedded in the rotor. Lab technicians do not have to make manual entries in a rotor logbook, which most non-RLM rotor centrifuges still require.

Touchscreen Controls

For smooth operation, the ultra refrigerated centrifuge is controlled by an electronic system with an LCD touchscreen. Users get a gentle "click" when they touch a button, so they know that they have entered information correctly. The ultracentrifuge also requires users to enter a user ID to operate the machine, which makes user verification more efficient.

Self-locking Rotors

To lock rotors into place, lab technicians just position the rotor onto the drive shaft. The centrifugal force of the machine will automatically lock the rotor into place. The rotor can also be removed by hand, without the use of any required tools. This makes assembling and dissembling easy for lab technicians, saving them time and energy.

Drive Unit Warranty

The ultra-refrigerated centrifuge is outfitted with an efficient drive unit with a wire-suspension design that can reach 100,000 rpm in 5 minutes. The drive unit comes with a 10-year replacement warranty in case of malfunction or disrepair.

Safety Features

Imbalance Detection

The CP100WX centrifuge was designed with product protection in mind. The model is equipped with a non-contact imbalance detection sensor, which can sense major vibrations and stop the operation of the centrifuge. The sensor monitors the vibrations of the rotor and the drive shaft; thanks to this system, samples can be balanced within 5mm by a visual check.

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