himac CS120FNX Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge

The Himac Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge provides users the optimum working height to access samples and enter protocol information via touch screen when separating proteins, lipoproteins, cell organelle, DNA, RNA, viruses, carbon nanotubes, nano-particles, and more.

Part #: HK-CS120FNX


Reduce equipment costs in your lab by placing this Hitachi Koki floor-standing micro ultracentrifuge in a central location for sharing among many technicians. Use this 120,000 rpm centrifuge for research protocols involving the separation and purification of proteins, DNA, RNA, and viruses, as well as carbon nanotubes and nanosized particles.


Touchscreen Controls

Always be aware of operating status with the high-resolution LCD touchscreen, which clearly displays colored icons on a high-contrast black background for easy viewing. Universal icons and text make operating the centrifuge fast and straightforward.

Precision Timer Control

Ensure highly reproducible separation by using the actual run timer, which excludes acceleration when measuring the running time. Alternatively, choose to time processes with real-time control by just setting the start or finish time and the running time.


Imbalance Protection

Depend on the imbalance protection system to automatically detect abnormal rotor or drive shaft vibrations and safely stop the centrifuge. You can also visually balance samples within five mm.

Self-Locking Rotors

Save time in the lab when replacing rotors. Simply place rotors on the drive shaft, and the self-locking mechanism uses centrifugal force to lock them automatically in place, removing the need for screws, tools or buttons.

User Administration and Password Protection

Ensure only qualified and trained personnel operate the centrifuge by assigning access levels and passwords.


Reliable Motor

Expect reliable power from the drive unit in this centrifuge, which has a maximum speed of 120,000 rpm ((771,000 xg). Backed by a five-year warranty, this motor gives you years of service.

Reduce Lab Noise

Reduce noise in the lab with this silent centrifuge. A sound level of only 45dBA is achieved by a rigid control drive system and sound-absorbing structure.

Work More Quickly

This centrifuge comes online in only eight seconds and reaches high-vacuum status twice as fast as the previous model, letting you process more work in less time.

Protect the Environment

Save energy with this centrifuge, which features a reduction of 60 percent stand-by electricity and 10 percent operating power consumption over previous models. Over 80 percent of the materials in this centrifuge are reusable or recyclable, reducing landfill waste.

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