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himac CS150NX Tabletop Micro Ultracentrifuge

A table top design allows this slim Micro Ultracentrifuge to save laboratory space when working with proteins, lipoproteins, cell organelle, DNA, RNA, viruses, carbon nanotubes, nano-particles, and more.

Part #: HK-CS150NX


When you depend on a centrifuge to provide you with the best samples on a consistent basis, it is important to make sure you are using a top-quality machine. The himac CS150NX Tabletop Micro Ultracentrifuge offers a full range of features and incredible reliability in one unit, making everything possible.

Intuitive Touchscreen Controls

You are always able to see what's going on thanks to the high-resolution LCD touchscreen. With vibrant icons displayed against a high-contrast background, it is easy to see the screen in any setting. The use of intuitive, universal icons along with text allows for simple operation of this centrifuge.

Precision Timer Control

Timer setting has never been easier with the himac original RTC (real-time control). Gone is the guesswork of acceleration time: the Actual Run Timer begins when the set speed is reached, eliminating the need to estimate. This accuracy allows for a higher level of easily reproduced results, giving greater sample consistency. Simply set the start time or finish time along with the running time. It is easier than conventional delay timers. If you just need a quick spin-down, a standard run timer is also in the list of spin options. Safety

Imbalance Detection

The very delicate imbalance protection system will automatically sense unusual or abnormal drive shaft or rotor vibrations, safely stopping the centrifuge for correction. Visually balanced samples are also an option, as long as they measure within 5 mm.

Self-Locking Rotors

Fumbling around with awkward tools and releases is a thing of the past with the cs150NX centrifuge. Replacing rotors is as simple as setting them on the drive shaft. The centrifugal force works in conjunction with the self-locking mechanism to secure the rotor securely into place.


Reliable Motor and Drive Unit

With a highly reliable drive unit, this centrifuge will not disappoint. Because it offers a maximum speed of 150,000 (1,050,000 xg), you can depend on powerful, clean spins each and every time. If for some reason the motor needs attention, it is backed by a five-year warranty.

Reduce Work Area Noise

The highly reduced sound level of 45dBA makes this unit a natural choice for the lab environment. This quiet operation is thanks to a sound-absorbing structure paired with a rigid control drive system.

Protecting Our Environment

This powerful little machine saves lots of energy. It offers lower power consumption across the board: 60 percent less electricity is consumed in standby mode and 10 percent less while operating as compared to its predecessor. Following through on the commitment to offering an environmentally sound product, this centrifuge is made of over 80 percent recyclable or reusable materials to reduce the footprint it leaves in the landfills.

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