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LabGard® NU-605 Portable Animal Cleanroom Enclosure

The LabGard® NU-605 Small Animal Portable Isolator provides protection for animals, technicians, or both simultaneously. The NU-605 creates a mini clean room to isolate infected or sterile product.

Part #: NU-605


The LabGard® model NU-605 Portable Animal Cleanroom Enclosure provides a clean room environment and protection for either animal subjects or technicians. An optional canopy is available to offer both product and personnel protection. It is sturdy, but unobtrusive air recirculation is supplied through HEPA filtration that is 99.99% efficient down to 0.3 microns, isolating contaminants and infection, or maintaining sterile product with ease. The HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow System provides plenum inflation to facilitate smooth and uniform air movement while blocking the transfer of vibrations to maintain subject comfort. Positive pressure ducts and chambers are surrounded by negative pressure to eliminate potential leaks, and all fabrics are flameproof and resistant to contamination from any source.


Animal Protection

Model NU-605 creates a vacuum at the front of the cabinet providing technician's protection from allergens. A pre-filtration system captures larger dander and hair particles before being exhausted through a 99.99% HEPA filter at the back of the unit.

Recirculated Air

When installed, the optional canopy uses a combination of vertical downflow air and horizontal airflow providing animal and technician protection. The vertical download air becomes the reservoir of clean HEPA filtered air interposed between a curtain and the animal cages. Fresh air from this reservoir is drawn past the animal cages into a suction wall through a pre-filtration system removing larger particles such as hair and dander. Charcoal filters may be added to assist with removing odors. Air is pressurized through a motor blower exhausting air through a 99.99% HEPA filter. The clean filtered air from the HEPA is captured in a plenum and ducted back to the reservoir of fresh air.


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