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LabGard® ES NU-819 Bench Top Class I Vented Enclosure

The LabGard® ES (Energy Saver) NU-819 Class I Enclosure is designed to contain and remove contaminants from the work surface with the aid of an external exhaust system for applications involving liquids, powders, animal necropsy, or equipment.

Part #: NU-819


LabGard® ES NU-819 Bench Top Class I Vented Enclosure has been discontinued

Reliability and dependability are two of the most important features when it comes to selecting the right Class I enclosure for your laboratory needs. The LabGard® ES (Energy Saver) NU-819 Bench Top Class I Vented Enclosure has been designed with not only these two factors in mind but also with meticulous attention to details, ensuring your safety. Careful engineering brings you an entirely contained work surface that effectively removes contaminants from your workspace using an external exhaust system. It is ideal for procedures and applications involving the safe handling of non-sterile hazardous drugs, animal necropsy, powders, liquids, and equipment.


Safe Containment

Your workspace enclosure is only as good as its containment abilities. The NU-819 offers world-class protection by using an external exhaust system that pulls in and traps contaminants, preventing the air in and around the lab from becoming accidentally tainted.

Spill Prevention

Flat surfaces can equal disaster when a spill occurs in the lab setting. The ES -819 comes standard with a smartly designed dished work surface that helps contain spills to keep your environment contaminant-free.

Personnel Protection

Offering air barrier and personnel protection of 75 to 100 fpm, every NU-819 unit tested at NuAire meets the personnel protection requirement as laid out by ASHREA 110-1995, in addition to those of NSF/ANSI for a 49.8" access opening within the unit.

Powerful Vacuum

To create a truly powerful dynamic vacuum, stainless steel airfoils have been placed around the access opening of the enclosure.

Durable Construction

External Connections

Built-in external connections allow you to connect your NU-819 to a facility's vacuum source or add on an optional blower module to remove contaminants swiftly and efficiently.

Dual Access Service Ports

Avoid the frustration of having a service port on only one side of your work enclosure. The NU-819 has been built with both a left and right access port in the sidewalls, allowing you to efficiently run power cords or data lines to equipment placed within the unit.

Low Maintenance

Easy Cleanup

No semi-porous materials mean quicker, easier clean-up and workspace maintenance. The epoxy resin work surface and 3/8" thick clear acrylic walls are a breeze to keep clean with outstanding visibility of all inner surfaces.

Wide Variety of Optional Features

The LabGard® NU-819 Bench Top Class I Vented Enclosure offers some great optional add-ons, such as waste chutes, base stand options, and an airflow alarm, making this a truly customizable work enclosure that is sure to meet all your laboratory needs.


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