[Bulletin] NU-959 UV Light Operation and Installation Instructions

November 21, 2017

NU-959 UV Light Operation and Installation InstructionsThe germicidal ultraviolet is primarily intended for the destruction of bacteria and other microorganisms in the air or on directly exposed surfaces. Approximately 95% of the ultraviolet radiations from germicidal tubes are in the 253.7 nanometer region. This is a region in the ultraviolet spectrum which is near the peak of germicidal effectiveness. The exposure necessary to kill bacteria is the product of time and intensity. High intensities for a short period of time, or low intensities for a longer period are fundamentally equal in lethal dosage on bacteria (disregarding the life cycle of bacteria). The intensity of light falling on a given area is governed by the inverse law; that is the killing intensity decreases as the distance increases from the tube.

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