NuAire announces sales and service of Hitachi Koki centrifuges in North America

January 10, 2014 nuaire

NuAire Offers Hitachi High Performing Centrifuges NuAire now offers High Performing Centrifuges from Hitachi Koki.

Plymouth, MN. NuAire, a manufacturer of ergonomically designed laboratory equipment for research, have come to an agreement with Hitachi Koki of Japan to sell and service the Hitachi brand of centrifuges in North America. NuAire will utilize its network of sales professionals throughout the United States and Canada to offer assistance in application use, product benefits and features, options and accessories, training, pricing, as well as after sale service for the life of the product. NuAire has already established a growing network of third-party service professionals that train onsite at NuAire about proper service techniques of NuAire’s centrifuge offerings. This authorized network allows a variety of service options for the NuAire customer family. To find a NuAire sales or service professional click here. The current Hitachi Koki Centrifuge offering from NuAire will include models CR22N High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, CP100WX Ultracentrifuge, CS150FNX Floor Standing Micro-Ultracentrifuge, and the CS150NX Table Top Micro-Ultracentrifuge. These high performing machines help assist in research applications involving purifying proteins, DNA, RNA, viruses, nano-sized particles, and more by separating liquids at high speeds with model CS150NX reaching up to 150,000 rpm. The addition of Hitachi Koki Centrifuges adds to NuAire’s growing product offerings of Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Workstations, CO2 Incubators, Centrifuges, and Ultralow Temperature Freezers. To contact NuAire directly click here.

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