Advances in Bench Top Centrifuge Technology

May 4, 2016 nuaire

Multipurpose or general purpose centrifuges are undoubtedly one of the most indispensable tools to have in the laboratory. Used to separate different components in a wide variety of solutions, general purpose centrifuges come in two main variations: floor-standing and bench top. While both floor-standing and bench top models perform important work in a lab, there are many benefits to choosing a bench top centrifuge like the NuWind by NuAire. To understand how the NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge Technology can lead to greater advances in scientific research, learn more about its unique, standout features below.

Touchscreen Controls Advance Bench Top Centrifuge Technology

One of the most valuable features of the NuWind centrifuge is that it offers touchscreen controls in its InSight Electronic Control Center. Touchscreen controls are easy to use and understand, and this ultimately makes for a quicker and simpler user adoption process. Also, touch screen controls can help speed up tasks and eliminate user errors, since menus are clearly defined and intuitive to use. Thus, NuWind's controls actually result in a smoother workflow in the lab.

Bench Top Centrifuge Technology, Touch Screen Controls

ClickSpin Rotor Removal and Installation

Another advanced bench top centrifuge technology is a centrifuge's rotor - and if a rotor is not functioning properly, it must be replaced. Removing and installing rotors can be intimidating, however, because they operate at very high speeds. NuWind makes this task much safer and less unnerving by utilizing NuAire's patented ClickSpin technology. ClickSpin rotor removal and installation allows lab workers to change rotors quickly and easily, without needing any tools.

Bench Top Centrifuge Technology, Quick Rotor Removal and Installation

Smaller Size

Centrifuges can be very large and take up a lot of space in a lab. However, one of the benefits of the NuWind is that it has a smaller footprint - but can hold a large volume. According to Anthony Locatelli, the centrifuge product manager at NuAire, NuWind is the largest capacity centrifuge that is available for the footprint. This means that NuWind can spin more solution without having to give up any lab bench space, which is particularly convenient for small labs.

Ease of Use

The NuWind's touch screen controls and simple rotor removal make it easy to use. However, NuWind also has several additional features that make it a convenient tool to have around the lab. With the ClickSpin technology, the bucket of the centrifuge can be opened and closed with a single hand. Also, its automatic locking feature allows the rotor to be securely installed without the worry of damaging the centrifuge. Finally, according to Locatelli, the NuWind is built with "vibration shock absorbers to remove the vibrations and make [the instrument] extremely quiet," which means it is not unpleasant or distracting to run the NuWind in the lab while you work.

Rotor Recognition

One final standout safety feature of the NuWind is its rotor recognition technology. NuWind's rotors cannot achieve speeds higher than their intended use - which means that you can rest assured knowing that your product is spinning at just the right speed, and not faster.

Ultimately, the unique features of the NuWind general purpose centrifuge make it an excellent tool to have in any lab hoping to make scientific advances. As Locatelli explains, "Blood centers and hospitals would benefit from the features and robustness of this centrifuge and be able to use these as workhorses."

If you want to get the most out of your NuWind centrifuge once you have one in your lab, download our white paper on how to optimize centrifuge performance.

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