NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge Now Available

February 22, 2016 nuaire

NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge now available

NuAire, Inc., a leading American manufacturer of laboratory equipment, now offers the NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge for blood separation, microbiology, bio-production, cell culture and other applications. The NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge is available in a ventilated or refrigerated configuration. The NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge is designed as a general purpose centrifuge allowing use for multiple applications. It provides the biggest capacity for the smallest footprint in its class. It features a tough, thin steel shell that is only five-sixteenths of an inch think, or eight millimeters, allowing robust construction in a compact form that saves space.

NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge robust wall barrier

"Along with its efficient design, the NuWind centrifuge reaches the highest speeds among its competitors today," a company spokesperson said recently. "In addition, the InSight electronic-control center has a handy touch screen that greatly simplifies operation. This allows anyone on staff to use the machine quickly and efficiently. An end-of-cycle light signifies the operation is finished, and a microprocessor keeps a handy log of accessories, notifying you when it is time to renew an accessory."

NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge InSight Electronic Control Center

NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge feature ClickSpin

The NuWind multi-application, bench-top ventilated (model NU-C200V) and refrigerated (model NU-C200R) centrifuge comes with an exclusive feature called "ClickSpin" that allows users to remove and install rotors easily without a tool. Just align the motor shaft and the rotor, and then operators will hear it click into place. Likewise, when one takes the red part of the rotor and rotates it counter clockwise while holding the rotor body, they will hear another click that indicates when it unlocks again from the motor shaft. ClickSpin is a standard feature on every NuWind rotor. Workers can change the applications quickly as well. Additionally, routine cleaning of the device is simple, which helps to keep a tidy working environment.

NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge ClickSpin tool-less rotor removal


NuWind Bench Top Centrifuge Operation

The NU-C200V and NU-C200R centrifugation is 100-percent repeatable due to the regulation of consistent voltage and amperage of power supplying the motor at all times. It has a maximum speed of 15,300 rpm and a maximum relative centrifugal force of 22,380 and a power consumption of 900 Watts. It dissipates heat at 3071 Btu. Overall net weight excluding the rotor is 156 pounds. It has a maximum sound level of 60 decibels. Contact NuAire representatives at 1-800-328-3352 for more information.

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About NuAire

NuAire is family-owned and operated in Plymouth, MN providing employment to more than 250 Minnesota families. NuAire manufacturers ergonomically designed laboratory equipment to life science, clinical, animal and environmental laboratories as well as compounding pharmacies. We are committed to your success by designing quality, long-lasting laboratory equipment that fits your application for an affordable price.

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