[Video] Changing Gloves on your Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator

September 6, 2016

CACI Glove ChangingThe gloves and sleeves of your PharmaGard Isolator will need to be replaced on a regular basis. NuAire recommends replacing fixed gloves on a daily basis, and the sleeves every six months.

Before attempting to replace gloves or sleeves, it is recommended the isolator be running to flush the work area with clean air.

Do not attempt to replace gloves or sleeves on a negative pressure isolator if the work zone is not known to be contaminant free.

Invert the sleeve and glove assembly by pulling the glove back through the glove port and out of the isolator.

Remove the stainless steel garter spring from the first grove of the glove/sleeve ring.

Carefully pull the glove forward into the first grove. Do not pull the glove off of the glove/sleeve ring as this may expose you to any hazardous materials still present in the interior environment.

push the glove into the ring area. Place a new glove over the old one by inverting it, and gently pulling the glove cord over the old one until the cord is past the second groove. Replace the stainless steel garter spring over the new glove and into the second groove.

Push the glove/sleeve assembly back into the isolator. Using the other glove hand, pull the old glove off and dispose of as trace chemo hazardous waste.

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