[Webinar] How to be Most Successful When Setting Up a New Lab

April 1, 2020

It has been said that when setting up a new lab, a scientist has two choices: Educate yourself or consult someone! This webinar offers the best of both scenarios. Our speaker, David Montrose from Stony Brook University, will first discuss his recent lab setup experience, sharing his successes as well as challenges, and then segue into a question and answer session to address your concerns on how to create the most effective lab space.

Who should attend:

  • Early-career researchers
  • Lab supervisors/managers

You will learn about:

  • Questions to ask your new place of employment prior to arriving—regarding hiring, safety, lab policies, purchasing, and the layout of your new lab space.
  • Tips on hiring the best people
  • The importance of an organized approach, including budgeting and preparing lists of equipment, likely needed.
  • Factors to consider that will impact your capital equipment needs, including core facilities and availability of existing equipment you can use.
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