Point of Care Hospital

With the diagnosis and treatment of highly dangerous and contagious pathogens such as Ebola* becoming a more common occurrence in hospitals and medical centers, it's necessary to have the most reliable, flexible, and safest equipment to minimize the risk of contamination and exposure to healthcare workers. With proper user training, NuAire's Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) have proven to be the superior choice for both stationary and portable units. Each NuAire BSC is built to our exacting standards to meet safety, durability, and reliability for the medical treatment setting.

NuAire's LabGard brand of BSC is capable of minimizing exposure to infectious pathogens, such as the Risk 4 agent, Ebola in the point of care hospital. Industry standard analyzers, including those from GEM, Picollo and Sysmex, fit inside perfectly, preventing contamination of non-dedicated laboratory testing equipment and facilities. LabGard BSCs can be built to your specifications as either a fixed unit or a mobile unit for easier point-of-contact testing and treatment. All models come standard with an electronic cabinet control system, including a motor voltage regulator, airflow monitoring and control, audible and visual window alarm, power switches to control exterior-mount UV and/or fluorescent lights, interior outlets, blower motor and main/outlet power circuit breakers.

Several built-in options are available, allowing you to customize the LabGard BSC for your facility's needs. Some of the built-in options include 20 Amp circuits, often necessary for analyzer equipment, ultraviolet light for added disinfection of the cabinet interior, cord pass-throughs to facilitate provision of power from external sources to the inner work surface, and motorized, height-adjustable base stands with low-profile casters to allow easy conveyance of the BSC through doorways. HEPA filters for both supply and exhaust trap and strain out harmful bacteria, viruses, and other agents, preventing exposure of your treatment and testing personnel, as well as the immediate environment.

With the NuAire BSC, you can rest assured that you're making the right choice. Our commitment to designing and building the most reliable BSCs on the market doesn't stop when your unit is delivered. Field service technicians are available worldwide to address any repairs or maintenance concerns you may have.

When looking to protect your personnel, equipment, and the environment from potential exposure and contamination of infectious diseases, NuAire provides you with the tools you need, and the quality and backing you expect.

Warning: Ebola is considered a risk 4 agent and should be treated as such. The Ebola virus and other infectious disease viruses that are considered risk 4 agents are required to be analyzed within a Biosafety Level (BSL) 4 laboratory. NuAire recommends either a Class II or Class III Biological Safety Cabinet be used within a BSL 4 laboratory in conjunction with BMBL. The cabinets listed on this page provide the healthcare worker in a point of care laboratory with additional safety protection. Please confer with your Environmental Health and Safety Officer or Biosafety Professional to draft and update your Standard Operating Procedures regarding receiving and testing patients for infectious diseases. NuAire is a manufacturer of Biological Safety Cabinets and does not make risk assessments.

Protect your healthcare workers from infectious disease in the Point of Care Hospital with a NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet.