Sterile Drug Compounding Laboratory Equipment

You should always have two things at the front of your mind when compounding drugs for your clients: safety for your personnel and a pure, uncontaminated end product. This is why it is of the utmost importance to use equipment that will deliver safety, sterility, and integrity. NuAire can offer you all three with a comprehensive line of compounding containment equipment to make your job easier and produce a superior quality product.

NuAire's Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI), the PharmaGard PR797 Compounding Pharmacy Isolator, is perfect for the compounding of non-hazardous drugs. It provides users with a positive pressure, sterile work environment. A wide array of features make this a great unit for any compounding pharmacy, some of the most attractive being a USP 797 Compliant aseptic compounding environment, unidirectional HEPA-filtered air flow supply, and 20 air changes per minute. Air changes happen not only within the work zone; they also happen in the interchange areas to ensure compliance with stringent ISO Class 5 conditions.

Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators (CACI) such as the PharmaGard NR800 Compounding Containment Pharmacy Isolator and the PharmaGard NTE800 Total Exhaust Compounding Containment Pharmacy Isolator are the best option for creating an aseptic ISO Class 5 controlled negative pressure clean air environment when compounding hazardous drugs, such as those used for chemotherapy. Meeting the USP standard <800>, PharmaGard is a great option for pharmacies compounding small to large amounts of hazardous drugs. The basic premise of these units is that negative pressure is maintained within the HEPA-filtered interchange compartment while the workspace is operated with negative pressure comparable to that of the surrounding room, minimizing or completely eliminating the chance that hazardous materials or chemotherapy agents might escape into the room. This also works the other way and prevents contaminants from finding their way into the sterile work area.

It's important to note that, in addition to CAIs and CACIs, Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) can be an essential part of the compounding pharmacy's collection of equipment, making it possible to safely compound even the most hazardous drugs, including chemotherapy. The unique exhaust systems allow for minimal to absent cross-contamination and superior air filtration while protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Perhaps the most essential aspect to providing top-notch compounding for your patients is having a clean and filtered work area. Your compounding areas must be free of bacteria, viruses, and particulates. With NuAire's Horizontal and Vertical Laminar Airflow Hoods, you can create a HEPA-filtered work area that is "swept" clean of any contaminants that might compromise the quality, sterility, and integrity of your compounded product.

Minimize your risk and maximize your pharmacy's compounding accuracy with NuAire Laboratory Equipment