Tissue Culture Laboratory Equipment

Maintaining healthy cell lines that are free of contamination must be the main concern in the tissue culture lab. Even the smallest amount of foreign material can alter the outcome of a culture, rendering it useless. This is why every lab should maintain strict procedures, including utilization of  proper equipment to ensure culture integrity.

Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), including the LabGard® Air, Model NU-543, are a key asset to the tissue culture lab. NuAire BSCs provide a sterile environment to minimize the potential for cross-contamination of specimens. Class II BSCs protect your cultures, end user, and the laboratory environment from exposure when properly used.

Once cultures have been processed, they must have a contaminant-free environment to grow in. NuAire's CO2 Incubators offer a finely controlled in-vitro growth environment. When properly employed, tissue cell growth is neither stunted nor ceased through desiccation. Additionally, the chamber of the NuAire Laboratory CO2 Incubators creates an environment for optimal storage of animal tissue cell cultures and gametes at very close to body temperature through the use of properly controlled CO2 gas, humidity, and temperature. Both direct heat (air jacket) and water jacket versions are available for reliable cell tissue growth applications.

While performing any tissue culture procedure, it's necessary to maintain a clean, contaminant-free environment. NuAire Laminar Airflow Workstations with HEPA-filtered air come in various sizes and configurations for different applications. From Air Showers or more compact Horizontal and Vertical Airflow models to the completely portable options, you can be assured of a clean environment throughout your lab or within your workspace.

Finding a freezer to reliably store samples can be stressful. NuAire's Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers provide the best, most stable sample storage available. In three different sizes, all freezers can be maintained at consistent temperatures to -86 Centigrade. Depending on your lab's needs, you can choose between the Glacier NU-9668 Upright Large Capacity -86°C Ultra Low Freezer, Glacier Polar Edition -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer, or the Glacier NU-9483 Upright Mid Capacity -86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer. Each comes with distinct features that will fit the needs of any tissue culture lab.

Centrifuges may all look the same, but they're certainly not built that way. Cells are delicate, requiring careful handling. Regardless of your centrifuge needs, you should be able to depend on your chosen unit to carefully, gently separate cellular material from contaminants for the purest sample possible. With almost a dozen different models available, including benchtop, high-speed, ultracentrifuges, micro-ultracentrifuges, microcentrifuges and mini centrifuges, you can be sure that NuAire will bring you only the finest, carefully calibrated centrifuges for your microbiological laboratory needs.

A complete suite of NuAire Laboratory Equipment in your lab can maximize your research results through proven operation and quality standards.