TouchLink Control System

The NuAire TouchLink touchscreen LCD Control Center brings Biological Safety Cabinet performance to your fingertips. The TouchLink control center allows supervisors to control the blower by password, provides real-time airflow measurements and alarms, and integrates quickly with current facility security systems. TouchLink also simplifies maintenance by providing detailed diagnostic information and step-by-step decontamination procedures. TOUCHLink can even wake up when you do—by running the blower and lights on a customizable schedule!

Real-Time Airflow Measurements

TouchLink helps ensure your safety with real-time airflow measurements! TouchLink will monitor high and low limits for down flow, inflow, and the window position. A purge timer even indicates when your Bio-safety cabinet is ready for you to perform work.

Touch-Screen Functionality

Enable and disable the UV Lamp, Fluorescent lights, blower motor, and interior outlets with just one tap! TOUCHLink even offers a built-in laboratory timer, outlet timer, auto-run timer, and night-setback switch.

Diagnostic Functions

NSF Trained service technician or certifiers can adjust the blower motor, update TouchLink software, and more.


TouchLink biosafety cabinet controls now provide on-screen step-by-step decontamination procedures. TouchLink even controls the biosafety cabinet's blower run-time, protecting laboratory service personnel.

Additional Features: