Biosafety Cabinet Tips, Cleaning Up a Spill

February 9, 2015 nuaire

Cleaning a Spill within a Biosafety Cabinet


The Environmental Health and Safety Department at Iowa State University shows how to properly clean a spill in your Biosafety Cabinet.

Spills within the biosafety cabinet should be handled by removing the contaminated absorbent toweling and disposing it into a biohazard bag. Splatters onto items within the biosafety cabinet, as well as the cabinet interior, should be wiped with a towel dampened with an appropriate disinfectant. Hands should be washed whenever gloves are changed or removed.

Cleaning Up a Spill (Biosafety Cabinet): Biosafety Level 3

It is also smart to spray and wipe potentially contaminated walls, work surfaces, and implements with an appropriate disinfectant. For large spills, one should flood the work surface with disinfectant and allow to stand 10 to 15 minutes before absorbing and wiping clean. Always check the spill pan under the work surface and disinfect as well.


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