[Webinar] Budgeting for USP 800

October 4, 2019 Bryan Prince

Budget considerations for cleanroom construction. Weigh the options between new construction versus remodeling, and other dilemmas that hospital pharmacies may face preparing for USP 800 compliance.



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Bryan  Prince

Bryan Prince, MBA is the owner and lead consultant at Lab·Red Pharmacy Consultants. His early career in containment technology allowed him access to pharmaceutical labs around the U.S. where he gleaned extensive knowledge of chemical handling technique and safety strategies. In 2012 he started visiting compounding pharmacies to observe workflow habits and share his knowledge, which led to writing articles for the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJPC). Bryan has been invited to speak at conferences on “Quality, Safety, and Workflow in the Compounding Pharmacy” for the American College of Apothecaries and PCCA. Most recently he has spoken on "Facility and Engineering Controls Using USP 800 Guidelines" for the ACA and IACP. He is also a contributor to the ACHC’s USP 800 education conferences and webinars.

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