Laboratory Accessories are the essential tools needed to make a laboratory operate. NuAire Laboratory Accessories help in every facet of research and producing sterile product. Select from one of many NuAire accessories to customize your workflow.

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  1. 15A/20A 2 Outlet Surge Suppress Protector
    15A/20A 2 Outlet Surge  Suppress Protector
    • Provides one 15A side outlet & one 20A side outlet.
    • Accomodates transformers and right-angle plugs and outlets.
    • 1350 Joule protection
    • UL Surge Supression Rating: 330V (Clamping level: 260V)
    • 52,000 Amp impulse protection
    • 50dB noise protection (100kHz - 1MHz)
    • Line voltage compatibility: 120VAC (50/60Hz)

    *Requires a 20A wall outlet.

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  2. 15A/20A 6 Outlet Surge Supress Strip
    15A/20A 6 Outlet Surge Supress Strip
    • 120V 20Amp AC Input
    • 6 Foot cord
    • Built-in Circuit Breaker & Internal fuse
    • 6 Outlets
    • Meets UL Standards: UL1449, UL1363, & UL1283
    • 720 Joule Surge Protection
    • 24,000 Amp 330V, Peak Protection
    • Noise Rejection: 10-20dB @ 100kHz - 100MHz
    • Indicator Light signals Power, Suppression Failure, Proper Ground, and Line Polarity

    *Requires a 20A wall outlet

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  3. IsoBar Surge Suppressor
    IsoBar Surge Suppressor
    • Stops Spikes and Interference Between Connected Equipment
    • Tough, Safe Metal Housing
    • Diagnostic Alarm System
    • 96,000 Spike Suppression
    • 6 Outlets
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