Animal Cage Changing Laboratory Equipment

Transferring research animals from one point to another while handling or changing cages can be a trying task -- maintaining sterility of the animal while preventing your own exposure to animal fur, dander and used bedding materials is always a concern. This difficult feat has been greatly simplified by NuAire's AllerGard Animal Transfer Station and the LabGard Biological Safety Cabinet/Cage Changing Station.

When you need a portable space for handling and transferring animals, the AllerGard model NU-620 can't be beat. Offered in three model sizes, the array of features of this re-engineered station make transferring animals nearly effortless. A hydraulic lift affords a 12" range of adjustment for improved comfort, while the 14" access opening height on all sides allows for more mobility within the workspace. The bright, clean fluorescent light enhances visibility.

On the more technical side, thanks to the 25 air changes per minute, this unit does not produce workspace heat build-up nor allow for accumulation of animal hair, fur or waste. An intake pre-filter removes the larger particulates coming into the unit from the room air, while the supply HEPA filter captures the tiniest of contaminants. A four-stage exhaust pre-filter draws in and cleans air, then the Exhaust HEPA filter "scrubs" it free of contaminants and particulates before it is released back into the room. This prevents exposure to any animal shed allergens and keeps the animal in a virtually sterile environment. The NU-620 is offered as a dual sided units for user access from either side or configured as a single sided unit using vacuum slots at the front of the unit that draw air at a high velocity, preventing contamination.

For more intensive use, NuAire LabGard Biological Safety Cabinet offers superior protection for personnel, equipment and the environment, making sensitive animal handling and cage changing much less arduous. A large workspace provides plenty of room to perform tasks, while the Class II Type A2 Biohazard containment ensures safety and the unidirectional laminar air flow minimizes cross contamination between animals. Added security is put into place through negative pressure of plenums, gaskets and ducts, preventing the possibility of gasket and/or cabinet leaks and potential HEPA filter failure. Some of the other features include adjustable height, HEPA filter protection of incoming and outgoing air, with options such as ultraviolet light for added sanitation, dirty cage collection, refuse disposal and sterile cage delivery.

You and your personnel will never look at animal handling and cage changing the same way after using the convenient, safe, fully mobile and feature-loaded AllerGard Animal Transfer Station or LabGard Biological Safety Cabinets.

Maximize your facilities workflow while maintaining safety standards with NuAire laboratory equipment configured to your application.