Clinical Laboratory Equipment

Clinical research is an industry that is dedicated to the study and improvement of human health. In a clinical lab, scientists devote their time to investigating the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. Usually, the work done in a clinical lab uses specimens from real human participants in order to develop new information about the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease. Researchers in clinical labs can also undertake clinical trials or conduct research in fields like epidemiology, pathophysiology, anatomy, physiology and more. The work done in these labs can be extremely beneficial to the health of the public.

Clinical labs are the environments in which clinical trials take place. Clinical trials are hands-on research studies during which scientists test out new drugs and treatments on humans and other animals to see if they are safe and effective. Clinical trials often take many years to complete, and they have led to many breakthroughs in the medical field -- including the development of new drugs and beneficial medical treatments.

The clinical lab staffs a wide range of professionals to ensure the lab functions properly. In the clinical lab, a lab manager oversees both the scientific and administrative function of the lab. Clinical laboratory scientists (CLS) perform procedures on specimens in order to conduct research, and specialists like cytotechnologists, histotechnicians and phlebotomists handle microscopic cell specimens, human tissue and blood samples. Clinical laboratory technicians (CLT) in the lab are trained to assist scientists with their research and effectively handle lab tools and equipment. Clinical labs can also have pathologists, who are certified MDs that specialize in analyzing the accuracy of lab tests and interpreting lab results to help formulate treatments.

If you work in a clinical laboratory, NuAire manufactures a wide range of clinical research laboratory equipment that can assist you with your research needs. At NuAire, you can find beneficial equipment like laboratory centrifuges, horizontal flow workstations, class I, II and III biological safety cabinets, custom robotic enclosures, CO2 incubators, ultra low temperature freezers, PCR workstations, polypropylene fume hoods, balance enclosures, polypropylene casework, and vertical flow workstations to help make your clinical research safer, more accurate and more effective. Also, ultra low freezers can provide convenient cold storage for biological samples. Finally, biological safety cabinets are particularly beneficial in a clinical lab setting, since they can help you obtain optimum control over your product quality while reducing the potential risk of exposure to harmful diseases.

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