Cleaning CO2 Incubator Surfaces

This video provides essential guidelines for cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces of your CO2 incubator. Proper maintenance ensures a sterile environment for optimal cell culture growth. Clean the incubator exterior with single distilled water and a mild detergent compatible with the seal. Perform this cleaning routine weekly, monthly, or per your lab's SOPs. For the interior, use seventy percent isopropyl alcohol or other disinfectants compatible with steel. Avoid disinfectants containing chlorides or halogens. Clean all metallic components, gaskets, and the inner glass door thoroughly. The interior should be cleaned once or twice a month following installation or as directed by your lab's SOPs. The water pan should be cleaned before initial use and every week after changing the water. Shelves, shelf supports, guide rails, water pan, and inner door gasket can be autoclaved if desired.