Food and Beverage

Food and beverage quality control is an incredibly important part of ensuring the safety and quality of the things we consume. This means that it's essential to test for contaminants within edible products, and develop new production processes in order to provide better food and beverage quality control. In a food and beverage laboratory, researchers devote their time to creating the best measures for delivering safe, high-quality food products to consumers.

Types of food and beverage testing that occur at these kinds of labs include materials analysis and identification, contaminant identification, ingredient cross-contamination, off-colors, off-flavors, off-odors analysis and identification, extractables and leachables, failure analysis, packaging testing, consulting, method development and more. The food and beverage lab is used to analyze products like fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grains, nuts, oils, proteins, candy, soft drinks, starches, sugars, vitamins and more.

The lab workers in a food and beverage laboratory are highly trained chemists that have experience working in materials identification and physical contamination testing, as well as food packaging testing. They're trained to use specialized laboratory equipment in order to assist with challenging food testing issues. They also use very specialized processes in order to detect contamination problems and guarantee that food meets federal standards. Scientists in a food lab can also be employed to design investigations that take on difficult problems for food processors, manufacturers and distributors.

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