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FumeGard NU-156 Vertical Laminar Airflow Fume Hood

The NU-156 goes beyond the personnel protection expected from a fume hood to offer product protection provided by an internal downflow blower providing HEPA filtered air to the work zone.

Part #: NU-156


The FumeGard™ NU-156 Vertical Laminar Airflow Fume Hood is a polypropylene bench module fume hood designed to be used for personnel protection during chemical research, microelectronics work, semi-conductor design and development and production assembly processes. The fume hood is constructed on a modular design, which means it can be used anywhere that space permits. The FumeGard™ Model NU-156 is unique because of its airflow, lighting, noise level and vibration quality.

Safety Features

Designed for Lab Safety

The FumeGard™ Model NU-156 was created for personnel, product and environmental protection, and it reduces the potential for exposure of both product and personnel from airborne particulate chemical agents, as well as fumes and vapors generated as a result of work-in-progress operations.

Independently Safety-Tested and Verified

The safety of the FumeGard™ NU-156 Vertical Laminar Airflow Fume Hood was tested and verified by Knutson Ventilation in Minneapolis, MN. Knutson Ventilation verified its containment properties to ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 for Fume Hoods, with a Performance Hood Rating of AM<0.1 (instrument's limit of detection) when operating at a sash height of 10 inches (254mm), which means users can be certain of its personnel protection properties.

Standout Technology and Design

Flexible Design

The FumeGard™ NU-156 Vertical Laminar Airflow Fume Hood has options of four different widths and two work depths, which means you can adjust the fume hood to fit your workspace or project.

Outstanding Appearance

Narrow Line Design technique used in the fume hood achieves an excellent appearance and ruggedness in the lab by incorporating large modular components, reinforced construction techniques and contrasting color schemes.

Metal Free

The FumeGard™ NU-156 Vertical Laminar Airflow Fume Hood was designed to be metal free. This means that the fume hood is rust resistant and virtually free of all metal components. Where metal is used in the NU-156, it is separated from work zone and contaminated areas in order to keep the equipment and the lab safe.

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