[White Paper] CO2 Incubator: Proper Use and Preventative Maintenance

December 19, 2018 Adam Christensen
CO2 Incubator Proper Use & Preventative MaintenanceIncubated cell cultures potentially represent months, even years, of valuable research that is lost if cells die. Therefore, incubator reliability and stability are of the highest importance. In addition to mechanical failure, contamination due to human error or from the surrounding environment also poses risks.
A lab manager can minimize risks in three ways:
  1. Properly training all incubator users.
  2. Implementing a preventive maintenance program.
  3. Choosing the most advantageous location in the lab for the CO2 incubator.  
Not only is the CO2 incubator important to the researchers, but it is also an investment for the institution or company. The lab manager’s role in proper use and maintenance ensures the organization gets the most from its investment via research productivity and long life of the incubator.
This guide will help lab managers understand risks and best practices as they develop training for CO2 incubator users and establish a preventive maintenance program and set up criteria.

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Adam Christensen is a family man first and attempts to be a service technician second. Born and raised in the heart of MN with a fishing pole in hand. Trained by experts at South Central College in Mankato, MN for HVAC, he ended up putting time and effort into the Biological industry at NuAire. Learning about Biosafety cabinets, incubators, centrifuges and eventually taking hold of the Ultralow Freezer responsibilities in the service department. Adam has now become a customer service specialist in the Biological and Ultralow industry.

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